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Please Click on the image above to view basic commands utilized in the Jun Li Kung Fu Class.

Master Sean Cochran has been involved with martial arts since 1978, starting with Korean Taekwondo, then later studied Japanese Goju Ryu Karate Do, where he received his black belt, after which he started to pursue his interest in the art of Chinese Kung Fu.

Master Sean began training in Martial Arts at a young age. Throughout his 30 years of experience, he has trained with many famous Masters in China in various styles including Northern Praying Mantis, Taiji Plum Blossom Praying Mantis, Shaolin ,Choy Li Fut and Taiji Quan. He has won many Gold Medals including Grand Championship awards throughout the United States and China. Master Sean is devoted to sharing his knowledge and understanding of the history & techniques of the ancient art of Kung Fu.

Jun Li is a combination of many styles of Martial Arts composed mostly of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. It was set forth with the intent to create a Martial Art with an array of movements to cover all instants, from simple to advance. The name Jun Li, meaning heavy force, is not the explanation of movement in style, but rather, the intent, the heart, the spirit that one should put behind it.

 Master Cochran has performed over 1,000 shows demonstrating Traditional Lion Dance at the EPCOT China Pavilion in Orlando and took part in numerous exhibitions performing for the Chinese community and the surrounding areas of Orlando.




Kung Fu is the art form that develops your body to become flexible, strong and skilled in the art of self-defense. This system is designed to give you the traditional methods of Kung Fu while incorporating modern applications. 

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